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Goal 1 To integrate Ukrainian children and adolescent in artistic sports
We aim to create a structural orientation program for better informing and orienting Ukrainians on issues related to sports and particularly to artistic-sports participation in Greece. Using various artistic sports, we aim to provide Ukrainian children with an alternative method of treatment, a safe context, a sanctuary where they can rediscover themselves, rebuild their lives, and dream once again.
Goal 2 To support Ukrainian sport staff accessing to professional networking in Greece
Our aim is to empower displaced sport professionals to expand their network, increase employability skills, work in dignity,
gain autonomy and support their families is a critical determinant of the future of a society.
Goal 3 To support the Greek artistic sport sector by developing intercultural competence
We aim to develop the capacity of the artistic-sport clubs in Greece to welcome refugees ensuring that everyone has equal access to sport and livelihood opportunities, appropriate programs. Greek professionals will better understand Ukrainian culture and learn how to design and conduct intercultural artistic sport activities.

Sport2Treat is a sport model that highlights the power of artistic sports for mental health. This model identifies the
development of artistic expression together with physical activity, as unique tools to improve mental and psycho-social
state of those who have faced war trauma. The proposed model explores the wide range of stimuli that artistic sports
activities can provide for forcibly displaced people in host countries, supporting their skills development and adaptability.
In addition, this approach also supports the host, in this case the sport sector in Greece, to welcome refugees and engage
them in sport activities and employment opportunities.


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